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Ashcroft Manor

Hat Creek House

Pollard's Cornish Ranch and Roadhouse

59 Mile House

70 Mile House

100 Mile House Ranch and Roadhouse

108 Mile House

111 Mile House

127 Mile House

137 Mile House

141 Mile House

150 Mile House

153 Mile House and Store

Dunlevy Roadhouse and Farm

Cottonwood House

Coldspring House

Beaver Pass House

 Beaver Pass House, lots 405, 406, 407, 408

map of lots 405,406,407,408

Located about 16 miles past Cottonwood, Beaver Pass House was built upon the 160 acre pre-emption claim of George Buchanan, a farmer and cattle drover from the United States. Buchanan and his fellow in enterprise, Henry Georgeson, had taken up the land near Van Winkle in 1862, building a log cabin and store catering to the needs of passing miners. Their pre-emptions were registererd as lots 407 and 405 G.1., Cariboo. The two received Certificates of Improvement for their properties the following year, upon which they sold the lands, which then went through several changes of ownership (p259, B.Patenaude:1996).

By 1869, George Hyde and his wife had bought out the owners of the properties of the Beaver pass Ranch and became its first permanent residents. Aside from running the ranch, Hyde was known to be a talented taxidermist (p262, B.Patenaude:1996).

By June 1878 Hyde had passed away from tuberculosis. His wife carried on ownership of the ranch for two more years before selling the farm to John Peebles, of Stanley. Peebles owned the property for some twenty years and made many improvements to the ranch and roadhouse.

Peebles passed away in 1899. After his death the property at Beaver Pass was Crown granted. In the 1940's snow collapsed the roof of the old roadhouse, so it does not exist today (p263, B.Patenaude:1996).

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