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 59 Mile House, lot 384

map of lot 384 John Boyd arrived in Cariboo in 1862 as part of a second wave of miners from California. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, Boyd was only 15 when he left for the United States (p227, B.Patenaude:1996).

Although a new trail to Van Winkle was built in 1863, Boyd and Heath's (Wade and Company) ranch was still receiving heavy traffic by way of the old trail. With the completion of the Cariboo Road, from Quesnelle Mouth to Cottonwood, and the beginning of stagecoach service to and from Quesnelle Mouth, in late 1865, Boyd and Heath realised they would have to relocate the ranch buildings to a new site beside the Cariboo Raod. The area they chose was open land on the junction of a trail leading to the Swift River, along which many miners travelled. Through the property ran Cold Spring Creek, a year-round source of water running form Cold Spring lake (p228. B.Patenaude:1996).

There was no formal application for land at Coldspring House until 6 July 1865. The building of a "new house" on the ranch began that year, with the inclusion of bedrooms being one feature of the roadhouse. There was also a store and a bar opened for business in May 1866, which was advertised in the Cariboo Sentinel.

Boyd and Heath were hard workers and very involved with the enterprises of roadhouse keeping, both in regard to Coldspring House and Boyd's later acquisition, Cottonwood House and ranch.

On 2 June 1866 a stagecoach of "Hurdies" visited the Coldspring House. The Cariboo road also brought freighters who stayed overnight.

Boys faced stiff competition from neighbouring roadhouses, that is, Pine Grove House and Beaver Pass House. Being a smart businessman, he was constantly tying to find a niche for customers to enjoy at Coldspring House.

Boyd married Janet Fleming on 18 April 1968, in Victoria, and returned to Coldspring House where the couple raised their family. By 1871 Heath had relinquished all claims to both the original Wade and Company Ranch and Coldspring Ranch. At this point Boyd was able to reach his goal of expanding his holdings even further (p236, B.Patenaude:1996).

In the late 1870's he returned to his earlier interest in mining.

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