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Ashcroft Manor

Hat Creek House

Pollard's Cornish Ranch and Roadhouse

59 Mile House

70 Mile House

100 Mile House Ranch and Roadhouse

108 Mile House

111 Mile House

127 Mile House

137 Mile House

141 Mile House

150 Mile House

153 Mile House and Store

Dunlevy Roadhouse and Farm

Cottonwood House

Coldspring House

Beaver Pass House

 Dunlevy roadhouse and farm, lots 1 and 2

map of lots 1 and 2
Following their successful mining ventures in 1859, Peter Dunlevy and his partners invested their fortunes in several profitable roadhouse farms at Beaver Lake, Mud Lake and Williams lake (p129, B.Patenaude:1996).

In 1862 Dunlevy pre-empted a large tract of land about two miles north of Soda Creek. Through foresight, he established one of the most valuable farms in the upper Cariboo and opened a roadhouse beside the Hudson's Bay Company Brigade Trail, which ran through the property.

Once the wagon road was built and Soda Creek became established as the southern terminus of G.B.Wright's steamer, Dunlevy and his partners opened a hotel, saloon, and store (p130, B.Patenaude:1996).

Dunlevy shipped produce and liquor to the gold rush for a time in 1869 and was involved in freighting as well as roadhouse keeping (p137, B.Patenaude:1995).

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