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108 Mile House, lot 76


map of lot 76

After leaving England, William James Roper arrived in Victoria in 1862. He remained for about a month, when he took passage in the Hudson's Bay Company steamer, The Beaver, to New Westminster, proceeding then by Port Douglas and Lillooet and on across the mountains into the Cariboo.

Mr. Roper spent the following years prospecting and mining, much of his time being spent on Williams Creek. In 1863, he established 108 Mile Post Ranch on the Cariboo Wagon Road.

Thinking he might settle, Roper pre-empted 160 acres. Pre-emption no 222, was recorded 23 November 1863, in favor of W.J.Roper, 160 acres of land bounded on the east of the wagon road and on the west by Horseshoe lake. The plan furnished Certificate of Improvement was given at the time of recording. However, the venture proved a failure and he again turned his attention to the business of packing and teaming for the Hudson's Bay Company

(p37, B.Patenaude:1996).

Roper sold to Charles M.Beak, also an Englishman, who had spent some time in the goldfields in California. Beak and his wife, Marie Johnson operated the roadhouse, a store, a cattle ranch, and herded dairy cows at 108 Mile House and ranch. Beak attempted to establish a retail dairy market in Barkerville, but did not succeed, and finally sold off his properties

(p38, B.Patenaude:1996).

Beak sold to William Walker and his wife, Emily, in the 1870's. The Walker's operated the roadhouse, store, and telegraph key until 1889, when they sold to Steven Tingley, owner of B.C.Express Company, for $2500. This sale was part of conveyance in fee of said lots 76, 199, 200 and 215 for a total of $6000.

On 25 November 1891, Certificate of Improvement was granted to Walker for District Lot 76, Pre-emption no 538. "Improvements consisting of houses, stables, storehouses, fencing, ditching, corrals, etc." The lot, shown here, was sold by Walker grant in fee of the Crown, on 17 December 1891, as 313 acres for $313.

Tingley, a stagecoach driver, operated 108 Mile Post as a stage stop and horse stable. His son, Clarence, acted as agent and storekeeper of the B.C.Express Company in the 1880's. By 1900 the elder Tingley had retired and operations at the ranch had nearly ceased. Records show that Clarence Tingley briefly mortgaged the property to Peter O'Reilly, in 1894, "...in fee to secure the payment of the sum of $6000 on or before 9 June 1896, with interest at the rate of 8%."

On 23 September 1903 the ranch, now including 1000 acres of land, was sold to Captain Geoffrey L. Watson, an English army officer. Conveyance in fee of said lots 77,79,233,343,351,359,356,215,76,199,200,242,243,357, "...property known as the 108 Mile Ranch House...", was $11000. Watson built himself a mansion on the land.

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