Cariboo Map

Ashcroft Manor

Hat Creek Ranch

Clinton Hotel

Pollards Cornish Ranch and Roadhouse

59 Mile House

70 Mile House

100 Mile House

105 Mile House

108 Mile House

118 Mile House

150 Mile House

Quesnel Hudson's Bay Company Store




The name Cariboo, was first given to the region around Quesnel and Barkerville during the Gold Rush, and has since been extended to identify the region between Prince George and Cache Creek.
Detail of Caribou
on Mt. Wells in
Tweedsmuir Park
The spelling is traced to an 1861 dispatch from colonial governor Sir James Douglas where he mentions the popular term for the area which should, he said, be properly written "carboeuf."

Caribou, part of the reindeer family, were plentiful in the northern part of the region at the time and recieved that name from French interpretations of the Algonguin word "xalibu," for pawer or scratcher.

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