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100 Mile House

The site of 100 Mile House ranch was located in the valley of Bridge Creek, and had long been a favourite campground of the fur traders along the Hudson's Bay Company's Brigade Trail.
100 Mile House, at
Bridge Creek, 1867

Bridge Creek House was built in the summer of 1861, on lots 31, 32, 33, G.I., Cariboo, and was known as "Jeffries' store".

The single-storey log structure contained a bar-room, kitchen, and, in the attic, a sleeping area. Soon business increased and the accommodations were enlarged.

A single-storey residence (with bay window) and two substantial two-storey squared log houses were added. By 1867, the Bridge Creek house was a line of five adjoining buildings, the original containing a store and telegraph key.
100 Mile House, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
and A.H. Maynard

100 Mile House has been described by miners in 1868 as being a good place for a square meal, an ample supply of fresh cabbage, pies, milk, tea, and coffee.

Sarah Crease, a traveller through the Cariboo, describes 100 Mile House in her diairy, September 12th 1880.

"Had a glimpse of the Cariboo Mountains. Road very rough as before -4 miles down one hill-reached Bridge Creek the 100 mile house, at 5pm.
100 Mile House, depicted by Sarah Crease

Rough dirty house kept by a young bachelor Lindsay. Good Chinaman cook-excellent supper-Bread, cream, butter, jams."

(Bridge, Kathryn, Henry and Self The Private Life of Sarah Crease 1862-1922, Victoria, British Columbia, Sono Nis Press, 1996 pg 134)

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