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150 Mile House
150 Mile House,1868

150 Mile House was situated on Lots 11, 12, 13, and 14, G.I.,Cariboo.

Thomas Davidson began to acquire land and the site of 150 Mile House was also known as Davidson's Lake Valley Ranch and Roadhouse.

Davidson's roadhouse was a very large, two-storey log building which sat close to Valley Creek right above today's Highway 97, at the northeast corner of the present community of 150 Mile House.
Pack Train leaving 150 Mile House for
Skeena River, c.1880
150 Mile House was described by travellers as "one of the best in British Columbia".

By 1863, Thomas Davidson found himself in financial difficulty, and fled the country in 1864.

A gentleman named Edward Tormey owned the 150 Mile House next, who sold to Samuel Adler and Thomas Barry.
View from site of 150 Mile House, 1998

By spring 1870, traffic along the Cariboo Wagon Road had increased dramatically, and roadhouses such as 150 Mile House enjoyed successful business with attractions such as drinking, gambling, and playing billiards.

Adler and Barry operated the roadhouse for a period of two years.

Edward Tormey, a cattleman and butcher remained to operate ranch until spring of 1871, when he left on a short trip to California.
Area at location of 150 Mile House, 1998
He died in San Francisco one month later.

Martin Tormey, Edward's brother, and Adler and Barry, owners of the roadhouse, sold the property to Aschel Sumner Bates of Boston.

A miner, who switched to cattle ranching, Bates had 200 acres of land, a roadhouse, a store, and a blacksmith shop on the property. He leased the operations of the holdings and stores to various persons.

In 1875, 150 Mile House was operated by the one-handed James Griffin, who was also the postmaster. Bates became known for his progressive farming and ranching practices. His ranch included a wheat mill, for producing flour, which was later converted to a steam sawmill
(p89, B.Patenaude:1996).
150 Mile House, 1903

He died of a heart attack on New Year's Day, in 1879, at 50 years of age.

Just prior to his death Bates sold the ranch to Gavin Hamilton, retired Hudson's Bay Company factor.

150 Mile House burned to the ground early on the morning of February 13, 1916.

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