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70 Mile House
70 Mile House
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The 70 Mile House was the first stopping place built on the Cariboo Wagon Road 23 miles north of Clinton.

Built in 1862, 70 Mile House derived its name based on the measured distance from Lillooet. The 70 Mile House was situated on District Lot 227, G.I., Lillooet.

It appeared after road contractors built seven long miles of road uphill from the Cut-off Valley between 57 milepost and the 69 Mile post.
70 Mile House

Charles Adrian pre-empted the land in 1862. The house was built of hand-hewn, squared timbers which extended the full length of the structure and were pinned together at the corners with steel bolts.

During the first season, the 70 Mile House served as a hostel for G.B. Wright's road crews, and sold to Wright in April 1863.
70 Mile House with Boyd
General Store

In May 1875, the 70 Mile House had been transfered to John and William Saul.

William Boyd bought the 70 Mile House from Saul and Company. The Boyd family operated the roadhouse for the next twenty years, including the dairy farm at Green Lake Meadows.

70 Mile House operated continuosly from 1862 until 1956, when it burned down, a fate suffered by almost every one of the roadhouses.

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