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Ashcroft Manor


Present-day view of Ashcroft Manor from
Highway 97

Descendent, Vashki Fisk provided the following information:

Clement married Charlotte Pemberton in 1871 and they eventually had six children. In 1885 they left Ashcroft to take up residence and duties of the Lieutenant Governor in Victoria. Henry married Mary Josephine Eyre (Maria Martleys daughter by a former marriage) in 1874. They had four children and lived at "The Lower House" as the Manor, or Roadhouse, was called by them. Clement and family lived in "The Upper House" which was located about 1/4 mile up the valley to the west of the main road. This was their remodeled and original house.

Henry died in 1892 and Clement in 1910 and they are both buried in the family graveyard near the upper house site. The Lower House or Manor was taken over by Clements son-in-law George Barkley when Mary J. Cornwall gave up her interest and moved to Kamloops. The Barkleys added the second story to the Manor and did some major remodeling to accommodate this ever growing family.

In 1937 John Alan and G.M. (Deede Cornwall) Parker leased the Manor and five acres acres and eventually purchased it when the Cornwall Estates were sold. It was established as a Guesthouse with a convenience store, cabins and a gas station. In 1964, the property was subdivided, and 3 1/2 acres were turned over to Travers and Vashti (Parker) Fisk who added modern motel units and operated as Ashcroft Manor Hotel.

In the spring of 1972 the Parkers retired and turned the Manor over to the Fisks. It was then closed to the public until 1981 when Eric and Madeline Saunders purchased the combined properties and did extensive restorations to the Manor and built the new attractive Teahouse that was run by Tom and Susan Saunders. It has changed hands twice since the Saunders sold it as a thriving historic stop of interest.

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