Ashcroft Manor

Hat Creek Ranch

Clinton Hotel

Pollards Cornish Ranch and Roadhouse

59 Mile House

70 Mile House

100 Mile House

108 Mile House

118 Mile House

150 Mile House

Quesnel Hudson's Bay Company Store



The Chasm, located a short distance beyond the 59 Mile House was considered one of the "sights" on the Wagon Road. Here stages would stop to allow visitors the opportunity to view the 1000 foot deep, mile wide box canyon. It was referred to as the Painted Chasm because the mineral-filled rocks, exposed to the weather, created a huge range of coloured surfaces.

(Bridge, Kathryn, Henry and Self The Private Life of Sarah Crease 1862-1922, Victoria, British Columbia, Sono Nis Press, 1996 pg 134).

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