Cariboo Gold Rush People Section
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Roadhouse Proprietors

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First Nations Gallery

Royal Engineers

Women in the Cariboo

Other People


Samuel Adler
Charles Adrian
Thomas Barry
Aschel Sumner Bates
Charles Beak
John Boyd
William Boyd
John Cameron
Clement Cornwall
Henry Cornwall
Kinahan Cornwallis
Thomas Davidson
George Dunne
Henry Felker
John Felker
Edward Fisher
Gavin Hamilton
Jerome Harper
George Hyde

Michael McCarthy
Donald McLean
Walter Moberly
Denis Murphy
William Pinchbeck
John Pollard
J.M. Rodgers
James Roper
Thomas Roper
Isaac Saul
John Saul
William Saul
Steven Tingley
Edward Tormey
William Walker
John Walters
Thomas Walters
Gustavus Blin Wright
William Wright

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