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Kinahan Cornwallis
Cornwallis was a traveler who had spent some time in Australia before he came to B.C. to see if the reports he had heard about the riches to be made were true. He published a book in 1858 which had highly accurate maps of where gold was likely to be found; rich claims were staked at nearly all of the sites he mentioned.

Read some excerpts from his book, The New El Dorado; or, British Columbia:
     Chapter 18: Our Ascent of the Frazer.
     Chapter 19: Our Bivouac Beyond the "Forks."
     Chapter 20: The El Dorado.
     Chapter 21: A Cold Chop and a Hot Steak.

Walter Moberly
Walter Moberly
A civil engineer, Moberly explored the Fraser River searching for a route for a transcontinental railroad he was proposing. Read his speech, "History of Cariboo Wagon Road" in its entirety.
     Introduction, and an anecdote
     Meeting with Gov. Douglas
     Firms building the Cariboo Road
     Starting construction
     Celebration with Chinese workers
     More exploration
     An Aboriginal tragedy
     Financial difficulties
     A warrant for his arrest
     The arrest
     New work

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