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Pollard's Cornish Roadhouse

John Pollard
Pollard's gravemarker
in the Clinton cemetary est.1861
"In loving memory of JOHN POLLARD,
Died at Clinton B.C.
June 13 1901
Aged 72 years"

John Pollard ran Pollards Cornish Ranch and Roadhouse in the Cariboo Region.

Born and raised in the Cornwall region of England, John Pollard left in 1849 in search of gold, mining first in California and then along the Fraser River as far north as Lillooet. He was in the group with Billy Barker that discovered William's Creek.

Pollard and some associates, discouraged by their lack of success mining, each pre-empted land in Cut-Off Valley. After making improvements on the land, Pollard bought the others out, and began the construction of numerous buildings which would form his roadhouse.

He worked at running the operations for twenty years, until, at the age of sixty, he returned to Cornwall to marry Kezia Truan. He brought her back to B.C., and they raised seven children until John's death in 1901. His sons, in succession, took responsibility for the roadhouse after John's death.

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