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Beaver Pass House

John Cameron and George Hyde
John Cameron

Beaver Pass House, 1862 on Lots 405 and 407, G.I., Cariboo. HEnry "Scotty" Gergeson and George Buchanan took up land beside the trail to Van Winkle. Georgeson and Buchanan developed their pre-emptions sufficiently to obtain certificates of improvement the following year, when they sold out to Steven V. Boyce, who immediately sold to Henry Roeder, a cattle buyer from Wasington Territory. It is said that Roeder built a single-story roadhouse at Beaver Pass during the summer of 1863.

It was late in that same year when Cheadle and Milton, on their way to Williams Creek, remained overnight in the new house. In his journal Cheadle wrote an account of their evening,

"Six miles past Edwards reached Beaver Pass where we found the Gold Escort of forty miners. Milton and others talking in their sleep...."

It is said that Roeder had sold his share of Beaver Pass Ranch and roadhouse to his partner Alfred Townsend.

By 1869, a fellow named Daniel Nordenburg claimed title to Beaver Pass, and on November 4, 1869, he sold the ranch to John Cameron and George Hyde.
John Cameron
Died 1888, 68 years old

The first owners to run the roadhouse successfully, Cameron and Hyde bought the property in late 1869. Hyde soon bought Cameron out, and the Hyde family was the first to live at the ranch. Hyde was known as a gifted taxidermist, and was the son of a Captain in the Royal Navy. He died in the summer of 1878 and his wife and children continued to run the ranch with the assistance of hired help.

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