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Cariboo Road Sections

Yale to Spuzzum

Contracts for Road Builders

Spuzzum to Lytton

Lytton to the junction with road from Lillooet

Lillooet to Fort Alexandria

Quesnel to Barkerville


Lillooet to Fort Alexandria

Gustavus Blin Wright, the most famous of all the road builders of the colonial days, built the forty-seven miles (319 kilometres) from Lillooet over the Pavilion Mountains to Fort Alexandria.
Gustavus Blinn Wright
Gustavus Blinn Wright
Road contractor between Lillooet and Soda Creek

On August 16, 1862, the formal contract was made with Wright covering the construction of the wagon road from Lillooet to Alexandria. By July 1863, this section was completed to Soda Creek

The first nine miles between Cook's Ferry and Clinton on the Lillooet-Alexandria road were built by the Royal Engineers under Lieutenant Palmer.
Lillooet c.1870
The roads by way of Harrison-Lillooet and by Yale were built partially by the Royal Engineers and paid for by the Government of the Colony.

At the end of his section of road at Fort Alexandria, Gustavus Wright built a steamboat to ferry passengers and supplies up the Fraser River to Quesnel.

Quesnel to Barkerville

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