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Cariboo Road Sections

Yale to Spuzzum

Contracts for Road Builders

Spuzzum to Lytton

Lytton to the junction with road from Lillooet

Lillooet to Fort Alexandria

Quesnel to Barkerville


Spuzzum to Lytton

Joseph Trutch

Several road builders signed contracts to build a section of the Cariboo Wagon Road.

Thomas Spence and Josph Trutch agreed to build 66 kilometers of road along the Fraser River from Spuzzum to Lytton.

As payment, the partners could collect tolls on the road for five years charging travellers up to 25 cents for each of their animals.

Joseph Trutch agreed to build the first bridge across the Fraser River.

Alexandra Suspension Bridge

On February 2, 1863, Joseph Trutch undertook to build a suspension bridge, to be called Alexandria Bridge.

The bridge carried the road over a narrow part of the river near Spuzzum.

This was the first suspension bridge
Alexandra Suspension Bridge, 1998
in British Columbia and it spanned over 300 feet (90 metres).

The bridge was finished in September 1863 at a cost of about $45,000.
Lytton to the junction with road from Lillooet

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