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Journal of trip to Cariboo from New Westminster stay there of about 3 months & return to New Westminster


Dec. 10, 1872

Left New Westminster in company with James Donnelly & one Indian per canoe~ half the town came to see us off @ 11 a.m.~ reached Langley @ 4 pm. Kindly reed as usual by Allard H.B.Co Fort, where we putup for the night ~ took Matilda Allard a little present.


Dec. 11, 1872

Started @ 7 am, got an additional Indian from lodge opposite Langley ~ lovely day and reached Harrison Mouth at 7 pm having stopped at Miller's Sumass for a mouthful of lunch.


Dec. 12, 1872

Got a :fresh canoe and 3 Indians , rid of all Donally's [sic] freight. Canoe well fixed lap by Pat Donally hay &c left @ 1/4 to 6 am~ dark ~ Donally would not take a cent ~ said

I had done so much for him ~ don' t know what I ever did for him. Reached Fort Hope @ 4:30 pm raining & cold ~ water very low, had to do a deal of poleing ~ spent evening @Wirth's

playing fiddle with Robinson ~ & Wirth on guitar.


Dec. 13, 1872

Snow storm ~ started in it and reached Yale

@ 2 p.m. Shake down with friend Harvey who is always glad to welcome me ~ H.B.Co House~ Long argument with Griffen finished by putting him to bed.


Dec. 14, 1872

Occupied all day with Griffin in office squaring up old matters and putting him up to the official ropes. Mail in bringing letters from Agnes ~ @ 1/4 to 10 pm.~ Had violent shock of earthquake lasted 5 min .All rushed out of the house ~ never so much alarmed in my life~ dreadful sensation.

Dec. 15, 1872

To Ch: then had to work in office wrote private letters ~ to Agnus &c

Dec. 16, 1872

Another slight shock of e-quake last night. Awoke me out of my sleep. Started this Mg in 4 horse sleigh, well wrapped up in buffalo robs, blankets etc. for Boston Bar in company with Cowell H.B.Co Trader @ Fort St. George~New Caledonia. Had not gone 8 mins. before sleigh broke down~ got back to a man,s cabin , unloaded freight and managed to reach Yale empty, O.K. Did some more work for Griffin.


Dec. 17, 1872

Up early as we expected to start @ 8 a.m. which we did not do till 1 pm. reached Boston Bar [24 miles] @ 8 p.m. dreadful trip as there was not snow enough for the sleigh in many places.


Dec. 18, 1872

Left Boston Bar @ 1/4 to 6 am ~ Horrible to be rousted out @ 5 am by candle light

on a winters Mg~ cold at that, reached Lytton at 1/4 to10 am lunched saw Buie

& Father Grandidier. Off @ 1/2 past 1 pm ~Buie gave us a bottle of brandy~on the

road one of the leaders fell over the bank but saved himself and us Capt. Tomson's 5 m from the Ferry. One mile from the ferry horses plunged into a heavy snowdrift some difficulty in getting them out ~ reached ferry @ 6 pm Bar full.


Dec. 19, 1872

Reached Clinton saw Popes ~ spent evng there. Some unfortunate woman crying next room to mine. Got rid of our 3rd passenger here ~ thankful ~ Came part of the way in a waggonette ~ but did not like the exchange.


Dec. 20, 1872

Reached Nelsons i.e. Bridge Crook 100 m house ~ Brandy in head ~ cold cold cold. Met Ball on his way down @ Sauls 70 m House dined together there Hamilton left us and Johnson is driving us on a new sleigh ~ the track is good & sleighing better.


Dec. 21, 1872

Geo: Dunne's first House out of Clinton~ Left Nelson's @7 am snowing fast ~ passed Gannon's Lac la Hache had long chat with Gannon's old N.W.-ites . Stopped at BlueTents for dinner there 1pm Mrs. McMicking's brother came on with us[Layton] Saw a Kayota [sic] A man wanted me to hold a County Court at Soda Creek ~ he be blowed! Reached Bates' 150 m house @ 6.30 pm pretty cold.


Dec. 22, 1872

Geo: Cook in chge ~ Met Sainsbury & Patterson two old sappers ~ very civilly treated. Best room fire ~ hot water &c Application for County Court Some land business &c dreadfully cold 38 below

Zero. Reached Soda Creek 3:30 pm 27 1/2 mile nearly an accident one of the horses shied and reins got all agog. Good snow, passed "Victoria" Str high and dry. Newland driving with us ~ Sylvester @ Bohanans.


Dec. 23, 1872

Left Bohanans @ 7am reached Quesnel mouth @ 12 M. snowed all the way there ~ had to leave sleigh and horses behind and cross the Quesnel R. in a miserable dug out canoe. Very dangerous as the current was swift and a good deal of drift ice in the river ~ took another sleigh on other side of river and so into Quesnel. All baggage full of snow Dined at Brown & Gillis. Called on Williams' H.B.Co Arranged some offical matters with Con: Muir [?] off @ 2 pm for Cottonwobd farm passengers Newland Reid & Beedy . Reached C. Wood @ 6 pm

Dec. 24, 1872

Place kept by one Ross, who introduced me to his wife a decent sort of party and rather pretty ~ spent evng in their private rooms.


Dec. 25, 1872

Off at day light ~ reached Van Wlnkle @1 p.m. Calling en route at Beaver Pass Hyde's place ~ saw Mrs & Miss Hyde ~ who wanted me to lay over Xmas dinner. Fell in with Polmere & several other miners I knew. Saloon @ V. Winkle full of miners. Lightning Creek prosperous~ got on very well with the "bhoys"~ off @ 3 pm reached Richfield @ 7 pm. Horses dead beat ~ Cold & uncomfortable weather ~ met old Urquart @ 4 m house. Lamp on flag staff at C house for me. Lindsay there got out of sleigh at Court House and into snow ~ nice fire &c ~luck[i]ly I did not go to Barkerville ~ as the sleigh upset over 15 foot Bank 1/2 a mile on. Newland had sprained wrists ankles ~Neufelder sent me invitation for Xmas Dinner but being cold & tired turned in without any dinner at all

Dec. 26, 1872

Spent day at the office. Knocked off a lot of work & put things a bit in order. Work behind, & Bowron somewhat at sea, tho' much pleased to see me putting things in order Dr. Bell, Hicthcock, Ross (R.B.Co) Park & Harper called on me ~ at 3 pm walked to Barkerville with Lindsay. Saw Neufelder Hitch ,Ross &c bk & dined off cold mutton. Can't stand the stove heat, must open the chimey tomorrow. Wrote letters.

Dec. 27, 1872

Up at 9 am. Office @ 11 am put them through ~ signed police Summons, @ 3 pm walked to Town with Bowron ~ Called on his wife ~ decent person ~ Called on Hitch & Newland ~ Walked home in the dark ~ dined ~ smoked & read ~ lonely it is without a doubt, no soul to speak to. Ball's dog even amused me by taking my p'h'chief out of my pocket, he, the poor brute is my only Companion

Dec. 28, 1872

Sleigh with express left @ 8 am wrote to Agnes Sir James ~ Bishop ~ Governor, & Claudet ~ Yesterday after office went down town with Bowron. Called on Newfelders. Asked to dine there on New Year's day. Introduced to Wickham Ballantyne &c. Met Hitch & we went together to Hos: Saw Bell & visited patients, 4 in no ~ one old sapper who had had his leg amputated. On the way, bk looked in at the Independence Claim & had a chat with the miners who washed up some gold for me, went home with Hitch. On way home passed old "Chips" whose verandah I had to have removed as it projected onto a bad turn on the road and had caused the sleigh accident. Bowron dined with me in the evng ~ not a bad fellow


Dec. 29, 1872

Wesleyan Minister ~ Mr Hall called on me decent sort of a fish for one of his cloth ~ pressed me to preside at a Lecture to be given in his chapel in aid of his "Parsonage" declined of course ~ Dr Chipp called on me; busy in office all day, did not go to Town



Dec. 31, 1872

County Court & Police Court. All went off first rate. Last night a man came to the door did not answer when I asked who was there ~ Some $4500 in small safe in my room so have provided myself with colt's Revolver. Cold, head~ache & neuralgia ~ not a very lively New Year's time ~ too seedy to go down town today.

Jan. 01, 1873

A Happy New Year for every one. Can't say much for my Commencement of it!! Last night I applied the old remedy of soaking the feet in hot water ~ drinking some hot grog & having an additional supply of bed~

Ding ~ I got into a frightful perspiration ~wch 1 suppose has done me good How I do miss the wife ~ an old bachelor's life after all is but a miserable one. It is blowing and snowing in fine fashion. My cold & neuralgia still keep me in-doors. I have just written to decline Mrs Newfelders kind invitation to dine this evng, and as no one I'm sure will venture to come and see me in such weather ~ I'm likely to pass a very pleasant time of it. N'importe 1 shall have a "talkee" with Agnes and get through a deal of reading matter.



Jan. 02, 1873

Old Cap. Travaillot (french) Polmere, Newfelder and Price called on me after all yesterday. I passed a pleasant evng before turning in by writing to dear Agnes Today my face is better. Busy at the office ~ Dr. Bell & Hitch called on as ~ Hitch dines with me tomorrow. Deep in Mining laws & mining cases ~ quite a new field to me.

Jan. 03, 1873

Had a visit from Brown, foreman of Kurtz & Lane Co. Wickham also called to ask for use of Chain Gang to clear snow drift on road as some heavy machinery was coming in ~ granted. A Miner came to know if I would give him credit for a Free Miners Licence~ as he had not a cent ~ paid it for him. Hitch dined with me had some "uchre" & chat.

Jan. 04, 1873

Heavy snow and wind. Settled a disputebetween two men


Jan. 05, 1873

Read Mg service,wrote to dear Agnes~read hard much snow


Jan. 06, 1873

Chain gang shoveling much snow off roof~office work Dr. Bell & Burnes [Sheriff] called on me ~ walked bk to B'ville with them. Called on Halls ~ Chipp Petullo & Davidson


Jan. 07, 1873

At 12 m. started with Bell for Lowhee Creek abt 3 1/2 miles off ~ Bell was visiting a poor fellow, a miner

down with brain fever. Stopped for a couple of hours at the cabin of the Victoria Co. mills & another there very civil. Showed me over the Mg works showed & explained giant powder, pleasant 2 hours. Bk to B'ville in lens than an hour, dined with Ross Hitch & Bowron at "Wake up, Jake" smoked pipe at Bowron's,played on Harmonium ~ went to H.B.Co. store cigars &c met there young Newfelder [sic] Kurtz Skinner &c ~ promised to go to band meeting ~ Ross walked home with me ~ Saw good specimen of Car: Lady sitting at window ~ in a nice comfortable room well lighted & furnished, waiting for customers~ poor deluded creature. More I see and hear of mining the more I am determine to keep out of it.


Jan. 08, 1873

Went down Town by appt to Band practice, amusing! My Chinaman Ah Fou just asked me if band Hyu sabe music"~ could not say they did. Called in at Newfelders, H B Co & Bowron so home.


Jan. 09, 1873

Snowing hard. Newfelder & Skinner spent evng with me, played Bezique.


Jan. 10, 1873

Snow almost turned to rain ~ weather very mild glass scarcely down to freezing.

Good read.

Jan. 11, 1873

Snowing hard all day kept indoors, hard read

Jan. 12, 1873

Snowing all day prayers ~ wrote to Agnes ~ Constables reported robbery in China town. Read all day, could not go out..


Jan. 13, 1873

Managed to find my way down town after dinner Malgre wind & snow had glass of brandy & watcr with Hitch then Ross & Bowron Went to Band practice, folks very "purliteful" Went bk to Bowrons tried some glees with some Welchmen & home


Jan. 14, 1873

Waited till 10 pm for express was going to turn in when Con: Green brought in my mail! What joy to me! letters & papers galore ~from Agnes Jane Arch. Claudet &c some photos of my little Darlings What a feast I had ~ don't know what hour I turned in somewhere near 2 o'clock.


Jan. 15, 1873

County Court. Wrote to Agnus ~ Jane Cobham~Arch & sent check to Ward 30. Nap. II died Jany 8th 1873.


Jan. 16, 1873

Walked to Town beautiful sun set


Jan. 17, 1873

Scarcely freezing Father McGucken P.P.called on me ~ asked him to dine but he

could not (Friday I suppose)


Jan. 18, 1873

Dined at Bowrons ~ spent evng with Hitch False alarm of fire raised. Horrid walk

home. Kerr's tel: abt Alice much annoyed me.



Jan.19, 1873

Read prayers @ 1 pm walked to Town called for Hitch thence on to Root to Hos: to see Bell. Byrnes & Wickham there. Walked bk together ~ home dined read & to bed.


Jan. 20, 1873

Horrible weather, blowing and snowing all day. Asked to take part in Char: theatrical performance, deputation consisting of Editor of the local paper a London tailor and a professional gambler (aristocracy of a Mg camp) waited on me with the request!


Jan. 21, 1873

Visits from Dr. Bell, Hitch & Neufelder ~making progress on E Horn, gum bad though ~ played violin, read, wrote some articles for Suters paper


Jan. 22, 1873

Read hard office ~ Assisted In putting battens to ceiling & new flooring. Mail arrived @ 9 pm, letters from dear Agnes ~ Mrs Seymour Clifford &c heaps of papers magazines &c more photo's of the little darlings but none of Agnes ~ Had good square read ~


Jan. 23, 1873

Wrote a great many letters. Read a good deal.


Jan. 24, 1873

Wrote to Agnus ~ last night glass11` below zero Went to B'ville saw Hitch. Ross &c home, read & bed


Jan. 25, 1873

Went in sleigh with Hitch to meadows by invitation of Mrs Brown ~ Had a most amusing upset ~ no bones broken ~ kindly & hospitably received by the Browns. Inspected the mining works, which are on a very large scale. After a very excellent dinner, chatted, had some music ~ Mrs B having a Melodeon & bk to town per sleigh very dark & nearly upset several times ~ shake down at Hitch's




Jan. 26, 1873

Walked to town.


Jan. 27, 1873

Glass 160 below zero, getting cold. Chinaman's New Year cooked own dinner. Cold mutton no potatoes, so did not light a fire. Read ~


Jan. 28, 1873

Hard at work indexing Mg. Books. Ah Foo

still away. Cooked breakfast.


Jan. 29, 1873

Town after dinner quite dark & had the greatest difficulty in keeping the track on either side of wch there was a small mountain of snow. Band practice ~ and rehearsed songs &c at Dodd's Saloon where there is a piano~ down at Hitch's after writing some verses. -


Jan. 30, 1873

Glass last night 23` below zero! Pretty cold! breakfasted at Wake up Jake ~ 2

cocktails before don't pay!! Read ~


Jan. 31, 1873

Glass 32` below zero ~ Precious cold there's no doubt on't ~ County Court ~ Jury case ~ visit from Bell ~ Byrnes dined with me ~ walked to town after dinner. Band practice. Fire one man had hands frost bitten handling snow. Two men coming in from outside creeks badly bitten. 32` below zero. Walked home cold ~ but well rigged out by old Hitch ~ mocassins &c.


Feb. 01, 1873

Glass 34` below zero. At yesterday's Court had a large heated stone placed under my feet to keep them warm ~ walked to town home & read.



Feb. 02, 1873

To town visited cemetery & saw poor old Brew's grave that is as much as I could of it ~ snow deep. On to Hospital. Bell out


Feb. 04, 1873

Band & Theatrical Rehearsal ~ bad news I hear Claudets are going, what will N. W. be!! Sorry I am but I hope this rascality may be stopped poor old Claudet.


Feb. 05, 1873

Blowing like the mischief ~ disgusted with the Estimates ~ got a proof sheet from Holloway Sentinel Office


Feb 06, 1873

Snowing all day ~ road all blocked with snow Can't move out.


Feb. 07, 1873

Deputation re road block Int @ $5. Gave 50$ for Govt. Rehearsal in town dined with Hitch & slept at his quarters, bed @ 2 am. too late.


Feb. 08, 1873

Rehearsal ~ Amusing I'm supposed to accompany no music and most of the things unknown to me ~ the fact of the "judge" taking his seat at the piano is supposed to suffice! Specimen of my programme & guide

1` M.F. 6/8 time. 2` in G 3/4 time &c. Key & time ~ the rest left to chance.


Feb. 09, 1873

Performance a great success ~ House crammed Gomar Johns recitation of Lady Jane really first rate. Miss F. Wilson acted very neatly reminded me somewhat of Mrs. Keeley. Sang Local Hits ~ encored. Slept at Hitch's as the express was expected today. Stayed in Town till 4 pm Roads awful




Feb. 10, 1873

Mail reached here last night @9.30 pm packed in on Chinaman's backs [sic] got my letters @ 11 pm. Such a batch! Sat up till 2 am reading them Busy @ office then wrote hard.


Feb. 11, 1873

Mild weather. Hitch & Bell called Went to town with them as my Chinaman is sick and did not send Substitute dined down town passed evng with Chipp, Ballantyne Byrnes &c walked home, lovely moonlight night.


Feb. 12, 1873

Wrote prologue for dramatic performance.


Feb. 15, 1873

Ah Fat takes Ah Fou's place pro tem. He told me this Mg that he no "likee cookee ~ at Hotel only pay $45 per mo & grub ~ too little ~ fancy 110 per: this in the country for cooks! Played E horn to Bowron's violin.


Feb. 16, 1873

Getting office in first rate order. Hospital visit with Hitch. dined @ Hotel & slept at his rooms



Feb. 18, 1873

Curious police applicn ie to prevent a it love sick taylor from paying his addresses to a certain young lady ~ Mr Snip recd a police warning.

Feb.19, 1873

Theatrical Rehearsal.


Feb. 20, 1873

Slept at Hitch's last night. Horrid weather snow wind & hail ~ no mail.


Feb. 21, 1873

There go express sleigh bells ~ big mail just brought to me ~ good news. Theatrical



Feb. 22, 1873

Slept at Hitch's last night. Wrote to Agnes Sir J Good Alice Col Foster & [indecipherable name] &c


Feb. 23, 1873

Town at Hitch's glass 10`


Feb. 24, 1873

Town to dinner Rehearsal


Feb. 25, 1873

Breakfasted with Hitch @ 1 pm started with Byrnes on snowshoes for the meadows.

Browns very civil Wickham joined us on return so did my first 8 m on snow shoes without a fall or the slightest fatigue dined at Hotel ~ had backgammon with Wickham, slept at Hitch's


Feb. 26, 1873

Rehearsal. Slept @ Hitch's


Feb. 27, 1873

Dog "Steward" followed as home Clever and Magnificent animal.


Feb. 28, 1873

County Court one nasty case in wch the Mg Laws were introduced Rehearsal in Town and slept at Hitch's


March 01, 1873

Rehearsal in afternoon dined Lunched at Hotel Performance in evng a success I pray I sang Village B' smith & Skipper and his boy


March 02, 1873

My birthday ~ hard work walking home this evng on account of the Drift snow Walked to town after b'fast went to Hos: with Hitch saw Bell ~ devil of a job getting there on account of the drift snow dined in town


March 03, 1873

Lindsay brought me a piece of Cariboo Meat like N.W. venison a little coarser.


March 04, 1873

Ophir Co recorded 70 names old fee $175. present 250.~ a swindle. Just finished His of Canada & Bongaultress [?] Ballads


March 05, 1873

Tel: extra just out ~ express may be here tomorrow Tel: abt sword to Claudet from Corps Town


March 06, 1873

Visits from Neufelder & Bell ~ went to Town with the latter called on Hitch @ 4.30 pm dined with him at Bowrons, and spent evng with Hitch: Chipp there ~ Deputation waited on me there & presented me with a very flattering address from the Dramtic Club to wch I responded in due form


March 07, 1873

Mail in long read wrote home


March 08, 1873

Up early, breakfast packed and sent my iktas down to the Express Office in Town.


March 09, 1873

Paid al1 my P.P.C visits yesterday slept at Hitchs up @ 3.30 am as the sleigh was to go at

am But did not get off till 7 a.m. Hitch drove as far as Richfield with the intention of going on to V. Winkle but as there had been a fresh & very heavy fall of snow and a good deal of plodding ahead he wisely retraced his steps. We certainly had an awful trip to Van Winkle ~ It took as the whole day to do 12 miles! I was compelled to go ahead and break the track the horses tumbled abt like ninepins. At one turn it took the united strength of Johnson (the driver) & myself to save the leader from rolling down the side of the hill. At V. Winkle met Polmere &c went down the shaft & over the diggings of the Vancouver Co ~ just struck pay. Men very civil all ~ sent them a bottle of Brandy. After dinner went down the shaft of the Spruce Co. with Polmere,wonderful diggings.Tired ~ to bed noisy house ~ Sunday.


March 10, 1873

Left V. Winkle @ 8 am Cottonwood @ 3 pm House pretty quiet. Wind blowing like mad & snow drifting Hard work with horses and sleigh nearly badly upset once ~ one horse attempted to bolt Called on Hydes at Beaver Pass.


March 11, 1873

Left Cottonwood at 7 am reached Quesnel mo: @ 12 m first part of road dreadful Splashed & plunged abt in fine style.Good sleighing at last came in at a fine pace. After dinner at Brown & Gillls & seeing the Barlows & Williams left in another 4 horse sleigh @ 1.30 for Bohanans (21m) We dashed off at a splendid speed over the bridge & ice of the Quesnel R and reached Bohanans Farm @ 5pm very fine view of River & Quesnel Flat on ascending the hill.


March 12, 1873

Left Bohanans @ 7.30 am reached Soda Creek at 2.15 pm (35 m) River opening, sleighing

pretty good Some very dangerous places on the hill sides owing to the ice. Found a Mr. Bell at S Creek with an invitation from Mrs. Calbraith to visit the farm some 6 m. off ~ Accept and drove there in 'pair' horse cutter Mrs. C very nice person good piano ~ pleasant evng. Met Hawkes. Good dinner ~ comfortable bed.


March 13, 1873

Up @ 4 am off @ 5 am after breakfast, with Hawks [sic] in double cutter ~ Capital sleighing~ reached Bates (150 m house) @ 11.20 am (27 1/2 m)express sleigh soon came in, off again @1.30 pm ~ met Oppenheimer Capital sleighing ~ passed near Murpheys place w[h]ere Glegg was murdered by highwaymem. At the Stables ~ changed horses leaders, two young mustangs ~ took fright~ reared, plunged then bolted OK thanks to drivers nerve ~ sleighing first rate @ 7 pm beautiful moon rose ~ got to Pal Gannnons on Lake La Hache. After leaving Mail there ~ two clacks of the whip & the sleigh and 4 in Hand are "au bord du Lac" another clack & we are rushing over the Lake ~ the moon bright & cold and a good Cigar a la bouche ~ Scene beautiful. On leaving lake ~ 4 m through woods ~ moon appearing & disappearing through the trees ~ lovely drive ~ but cold ~ reached (Nelsons) 100 M.H. at 11p.m. Charlton in chge, sleighing from 5 am to 11 pm, tired, supper glass of hot grog & to bed


March 14, 1873

Left 100 m House @ 7 am reached 70 m House Sauls at.#12.30 [sic]. dined and off for Clinton @ 2 pm on way to 70 m House Met Hamilton in express sleigh going up Mail I'm afraid on board. V. Volkenburgh's horse (he was riding[)] gave in & [he] was taken on the box much to my discomfort Passed green timber summit ~ beautiful view of distant Columbia Mountains & rear view of Cascade Range. Passed close to Mount Begbie. Left 70 m.House @ 2 pm reached Clinton @ 6 pm fine sleighing but tired team. Dined at Smiths Hotel then spent evng between Popes & Fosters


March 15, 1873

Left Cllnton @ 7 am reached C Creek @ 12 m passed by Ned Allans, 8 m from Clinton, and went in and saw his wife. At Mundorf's changed sleigh for waggon too much crowded for comfort ~ dry, cold & raw. On the road met a man wrapped up in his blankets he had left Clinton the night before drunk thought he was frozen to death, but he was not. Saw Cornwall at Ashcroft, got into Spence's Bridge at 11 pm, road in an awful state nearly had a capsizo passengers holding on outside to keep waggon on end. I remained on the box.


March 16, 1873

Left Cook's Ferry @ 7 am at Lytton @ 12 m. Roads pretty good. Met Semlin and Pearson's [sic] en route. Windy at Lytton as usual. Called on Mrs. Buie ~ found her en desahibe [sic] Kind & pretty as usual ~ lunched at Hautiers~ left again for Boston Bar (Salters 41 M.H.) reached Boston Bar @ 7 pm Roads capital Much amused with one of the passengers Reilly ~ (sailor and his horse port hole).


March 17, 1873

Left Boston Bar @ 7.30 am recd Yale 1 pm Dan Glynn Reilly, David Jones & Smith In

sleigh ~


March 18, 1873

Did some business at Yale ~ dined at Harvey's with Griffin slept @ Mullens. Left @ 8 a.m. per express canoe ~ passengers as before with addition of Christian. Bell Bristol in chge pleasant run to Har: mouth ~ got there 4 pm


see p. 25


March 19, 1873

Donallys kind as usual. Made early start off @ 3 am reached N W 4 pm lovely day

& trip Called in and saw Allard at Langley. O'Reilly & Claudets dined with me at Colonial ~ Champagne.

Thus ends trip to Cariboo & bk


March 20, 1873

O'Reilly had shake down with me last night. Down to Vic per "Enterprise" today. Claudets on board. All well at James Bay recd usual welcome Alice looking very nice.


March 21, 1873

House hunting for Claudet: all day with Tommy & Claudet Ball here ~ went to C.Ch. Choir prac. in evng.


March 22, 1873

Saw Gov: & Good~ Wrote to Agnes


March 23, 1873

Ch: in mg Sang in choir decent Anthem & fine little organ Walk with Sir James in afternoon Ch: evng. with Alice same Anthem.


March 24, 1873

Alice doctering [sic] me with Janes [?] for my bad cold Settled matters with Banks Drake, H. B. C. &c met Claudet Elwyn & Ball lunched at Govt House Satisfactory despatches concerning position of C.C.Judges Called on Mckays & Woods. Dined with Ball at Police Barracks Sullivan Tommy Elliott & Biscoe there ~ had shake down with Tommy.


March 25, 1873

Called with Alice & Tommy on Elliotts Charles ~ Mrs. Franklyn & Claudets Sciatica bad dosed by Alice


March 26, 1873



March 27, 1873

Called on Finlaisons with Alice & Tommy ~ the latter thinks he could not manage to

go in for M'selle ~ Pipe with Alice before bed & talked of home.


March 28, 1873

Dined with Good, talked abt his affairs, and with Alice till near 1 a.m. no help for it, though I had determined to be neutral, must do what I can for them.


March 29, 1873

Called on Begbie Crease & Gray ~ letters from Agnes.


March 30, 1873

Ch: Mg 19 dined with Creases afternoon met Pearse.


March 31, 1873

Dined at Begbie's Tommy Jim & Rhodes.


April 01, 1873

Took Alice Tommy Jim for drive to Esquimalt Went to Claudet in evng Good Miss Crease Tommy & Jim rather noisy.


April 02, 1873

Lent T $80.


April 03, 1873

Busy Commisions. Alice trying to persuade me to stay but go I will, pipe with Good

till 11 pm. Long talk with Alice ~ not much sleep. Asked to dine @ Govs: refused


April 04, 1873

Off per Enterprise. Bp & Ball on board ~ lively trip Ball dined with me at Colonial gave him a shake down.


April 05, 1873

Getting quarters in order Q. B'day & Hos: meetings Walk with Mrs W. Fisher chaffed her Tait & Suter over in evng.


April 06, 1873

Low spirited ch: & Holy Com: feel happier ~ looking over old letters & papers. Dined with Fishers, Ch:~


April 07, 1873

Busy all day ~ Attended & presided at Hos Board Meeting Ch: @ 7 pm ~ Bp preached spent musical evng at Peeles.


April 08, 1873

Presided at Police Court by request of Major. Johnny Scott up. Wrote to Agnes.

Ch: in evng.


April 09, 1873

Sent dog Prince to Vic: Hos Board Meeting, feel awfully unsettled today quite unhappy. Visited Hos: & patients ~ Must scrape together some books for the poor fellows. Mrs. Suter left Ch: in evng. home & read somewhat low spirited read over old love journals.


April 10, 1873

Recommenced Spanish with Suter & Tait After lessons Holbrook came in and we did not break up till 2 am.


April 11, 1873

Ch: in mg. Miss Crease came up p "Enterprise" with 3 Pupils gave her up my quarters, we all mess at Moreys.


April 12, 1873

Ch: in evng Sat in office till midnight Holbrook came in ~ Miss my rooms somewhat.

April 13, 1873

Ch: Fair Coll. & congregation. Stayed for H. Com: lunched with Bp & Mrs Hills~ Went to S'day school with Mrs Hills. Allen Elliotts boy christened [indecipherable] opened S'day school. Walk with Mrs. Withrow Called on Homers. Ch: in evng. quiet at home in evng.


April 14 ,1873

Vestry meeting, ag[ain]st my will nominated Rector's Ch: Wdn ~ chge of S'day school Choir. Wrote to Agnes Took walk to Saw Mill with Miss Crease & pupils ~ showed them C House, over Gaol & Assay office ~ Amused them as much as I could. Bp called in and had long talk over Ch: matters.


April 15, 1873

Got Ball's boat & with a Fisher took Creases for pic.nic to Brunette ~ water too low, so returned & had our 1unch @ Govt House played at pool ~ then home in boat, ladies pulling, letters from Agnes Several urgent ones from Vic: begging me to come down for concert, cold too bad ~ Wrote to Agnes Read over our farce Tait & I to Creases. Amused them


April 16, 1873

Made some calls with miss Crease & Carr ~ lovely weather. Showed them Ch: Bells after dinner in presence of Creases & Suter rehearsed our parts ~ Again in my rooms @ 11 ~ to Col for supper hungry.


April 17, 1873

Char: Young came to office with her new baby went to Deanes & bought her a Car: as a present from Mrs. Seymour. Walked with Miss Crease. She cleaned cross in ch:

Spent portion of evng with Creases along with Tait

April 18, 1873

Wrote to Agnes & Arch: Spanish letter to Alice


April 19, 1873

Met Graham & Mr McLeod at Col: last night Up early & assisted Creases to pack then packed them off per str Sorry to go & we sorry to lose them Miss Crease a jolly old soul & Miss Carr a nice pretty little girl. Bp & Mrs Hills went down Edmonds baby which died on way up from Vic: yesterday, buried today. Rehearsal. Suter Tait in evng


Distances from cariboo & Yale

Blville to V. Winkle 12 m C Creek Cornwalls 6 m

V.Winkle ~ Bea. Pass 8 Cornwalls S Bdge 24

B Pass ~ Cottonwood 9 29 m S Bdge to Nicomen 12

C'wood Bohannans [sic] 21 Nicom: to Lytton 11

Bohannans to S Creek Lytton B Bar 32

S Creek to Bates (10 ) 27 1/2 B Bar Yale 25

Bates to Nelson (100) 50

Nelsons to Clinton

Clinton to C Creek 26

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