Cariboo Pioneer Adventure Game

London, ENGLAND Clock Tower
It's a rainy afternoon in April, and just as you sit down to afternoon tea the Clock Tower at the Houses of Parliament strikes 4:00 PM. You notice an advertisement in the London Times newspaper that reads:

WANTED! BRITISH COLUMBIA NEEDS LANDOWNERS who are rugged and not afraid of adventure. The colony of British Columbia has several opportunities to offer. Land and riches are available to those who seek this opportunity. They need immigrants to settle land. Being an immigrant and starting out from nothing is an ultimate test of character. Do you have what it takes to make it in the wilderness of British Columbia?
The ad is right. As a pioneer you could manage a farm or ranch in an exciting, far away colony. You have heard there is a gold rush in the Cariboo, and maybe you could also stake a claim and strike it rich! There is no choice in your mind, but to...

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