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Oh! I belong to the Fire Brigade

Bonnie Are The Hurdies, O!

Far From Home

Young Man From Canada

The Dancing Girls of Cariboo

Old Faro



This story is a small excerpt from an educational series of audio tapes and transcripts made for the CBC radio series: People in Landscape, produced by Imbert Orchard.


People in Landscape

Mr. Milliken: I heard a good story one time about a hotel keeper. Well, he didn't have much of a hotel, but he did build a cabin -- and a good-sized cabin -- and he put a roof over it on the upstairs and he put in a bunch of bunks. And of course, he had the usual bar and a keg or two of whiskey and a sign out. "Hotel and Rooms."

So when the fellows would come around for a room at night the first fellow that would come in and would ask for a room and held say, yes, he had a room. Held say, "Here, have a drink and I'll go up and fix you up on." And held give the fellow a good slug of this popskull stuff he had and go upstairs for a few minutes. Held come down and ask the fellow if he was ready to go to bed and held say, "Yes." And held say, "Well, here, have another one for a night-cap," and held give him another little shot of this stuff and held take him up and show him this cot and put him there and cover him with blankets and leave him.

Held go on down and pretty soon another fellow would come in and held say, "Yes, sure. Have a drink." He'd give them a drink and then held go upstairs to prepare the room and he took the blankets off the first fellow and covered the next cot. A moment or two later that fellow was ready to go to bed. Eventually when he had filled all these cots up there, he took the blankets off the last fellow and went to bed himself.

The fellow that told me that story said eventually he was a successful hotel keeper, he said, and he had a hotel, he said, and it even had sheets in it. But he said the people using the sheets had to get up at 6 o'clock in the morning because he used his sheets for tablecloths.


Accession No. 2439p Tape No. 1 Track No. 1. Speed 3 3/

Interviewed by Imbert Orchard


The aural history series comes with accompanying transcripts. These half hour programs provide a unique link to the past history of the Province. The series includes material on a number of regions of the Province with special emphasis on some of the more colourful people in British Columbia history. For the most part, the material focuses on the time period 1870 - 1914.

For further information about his series, please write to Aural History, Provincial Archives of British Columbia, Victoria, British Columbia V8V 1X4.

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