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Oh! I belong to the Fire Brigade

Bonnie Are The Hurdies, O!

Far From Home

Young Man From Canada

The Dancing Girls of Cariboo

Old Faro


Far From Home

Where mighty waters foam and boil
And rushing torrents roar,
In Fraser River's northern soil
Lies hid the golden ore.

Far from home, far from home
On Fraser River's shore
We labour hard, so does our bard,
To dig the golden ore.

Far, far from home we Miners roam,
We feel its joys no more.
These we have sold for yellow gold
On Fraser River's shore.


In cabins rude, our daily food
Is quickly counted o'er.
Beans, bread, salt meat is all we eat-
And the cold earth is our floor.


Lonely our lives-no mothers', wives',
Or sisters' love runs o'er
When home we come at set of sun
To greet us at the door.


At night we smoke, then crack a joke,
Try cards 'til found a bore.
Our goodnight said, we go to bed
To dream of home once more.


With luck at last, our hardships past,
We'll head for home once more,
And greet the sight with wild delight
Of California's shore.


And once on shore, we never more
Will roam through all our lives:
A home we'll find, just to our mind,
And call our sweethearts wives.


Far From Home. W., "W.H.D.". Emory's Bar, Fraser River, July, 1859, in Hutching's California Magazine September, 1859, p. 108. M, PJT. 1 have used stanzas 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 11 and 12of the original 12,and have omitted the last chorus. Original w. & m., see "Home Again" in Reddall and Buck, Songs That Never Die (U.S.A. n.p., 1894), p. 165.

From Songs of the Pacific Northwest. Ed. Philip J Thomas. Music Transcription and Notation by Shirley A. Cox. Saanichton, B.C.: Hancock House Pub (1979.) p.36-38. Originally printed in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Dec. 1860

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