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Gold Rush Adventure Game

Advanced Mining Terms

However old or young your students might be, they all need to to know some of the basic vocabulary of the Gold Rush era.

For teachers with more advanced students, a specialized and extended list is included.

For students to find alternate meanings of the same word in the website and beyond which have historical contexts.

Group Size: Pairs or small groups of 3 or 4

Small Gold Nugget Large Gold Nugget
Beginner Word List Professional Word List
  1. Have students print out or save the word lists onto a form they can easily manipulate (i.e. word processor)
  2. Challenge them to look through the web-site to find the words (not all are in this site)
  3. Once found, have them check the definition of the word with the context it appears in. Do they match? If so great! If not, pair up and talk about a possible meaning.
  4. Then write a definition that would match the context of the word.
  5. Get the students to compile their definitions in a personal historical glossary.

  • Keep a running record of other historical words in a personal glossary. Include illustrations as necessary. Update the glossary as other units are covered.
  • Bulletin Board: Post all glossaries for parents, teachers and other classes to see.

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