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Gold Rush Adventure Game

Grade 10
Lesson # 2 The Faces of BC History...


Do you know who was part of the Fraser River Gold Rush? Get to learn the faces and roles of the people who were part of the Fraser River Gold Rush in British Columbia.

Group Size: Small groups of 3 or 4 or pairs


This activity can be for BEFORE or AFTER each student has had a chance to know the people section located in this web-site.

Two strategies to decide from are:

Option A would be creating the cards beforehand, having them ready to use by the students.

Option B would have the children research and make their own cards from the information available on the web-site and/or other primary sources about people in the Cariboo Gold Rush and Yale area during this period.

(substitutions are fine)
  • Printer to make paper copies of the photo images from the web-site
  • stiff paper (card, construction, Bristol) for backing printed photo images, use the same colour for all photos
  • thicker paper for head bands strips (one per person playing game) ~60 or more cm long (dependent on head size)
  • glue, or tape of any type
  • note-paper or word processor to collect notes

Take some time with your students to look at the Yale People section in this website or use the People section in the Cariboo Wagon Road Website. Become familiar with the people and the role each played in the Gold Rush era. If you know of other primary or secondary sources of information make tese available for students research as well.

Option A
  • Each photo should be mounted on stiff piece of paper such as construction paper, Bristol board or thick card. The image should no greater size than a large recipe card (~ 10cm by 12 cm in size)
  • On the front of the mounted photos print the name of the person who is in the photo using large size letters so people can read the name up to 50 cm away.
Option B
  • Have each student decide on a person they will research on the web-site. Allow for the students to come up with ten to twenty facts they will research about their person. (i.e. birth death date, occupation in BC, hair colour, height, sex, place of business in BC, how involved in BC history? mode of transport around BC, personal details (did they sketch? type of handwriting style)
  • Once the information is compiled, check for clarity and accuracy through presentations of their Gold Rush person to the class and the information they found out about them. Presentations should be complete with a photo of the Gold Rush person mounted on the same thicker paper(Bristol, card, etc).

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