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Gold Rush Adventure Game

BC Grade 10


To experience the hardships involved with placer mining techniques; one such technique is gold panning. After the outdoors experience, have the class reflect on various Prescribed Learning Outcomes

To research, using this website and other sources, the people of the gold rush era in Yale, BC and/or those associated with the Cariboo Wagon Road.

For students to find alternate meanings of the same word in the website and beyond which have historical contexts.

To research, using this website and other sources,to show your students the realities of personal biases which exist all around us.

Prescribed Learning Outcomes

    BC Grade 10 Social Studies IRP: Economy and Technology: (Canada from 1815 to 1914)

    It is expected that students will:

  • identify factors that contribute to the economy of British Columbia

  • identify and describe the effects of technological innovation on settlement and employment patterns within regions of Canada.
  • identify factors that contribute to the economy of British Columbia.
  • identify and clarify a problem, an issue, or an inquiry.
  • plan and conduct library and community research using primary and secondary print and non-print sources, including electronic sources
  • generate and critique different interpretations of primary and secondary sources
  • assess and defend a variety of positions on controversial issues
  • plan, revise, and deliver formal presentations that integrate a variety of media
  • demonstrate leadership by planning, implementing, and assessing a variety of strategies to address the problem, issue, or inquiry initially identified

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