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Joseph Trutch
11th Nov., 1869

With respect to your letter of the 26th regarding the expediency of making a re-survey of the town of Barkerville, I have to inform you that when I cam here, I found that few if any of the positions occupied by houses corresponded with the official map; and I found that some of the cross streets had been sold to individuals upon which to erect houses.

After the fire of September, 1868, I went to Barkerville to try and rectify the difficulties that existed with respect to the boundaries of the lots but found it impossible to make any measurements correspond with the official map: at length I made such arrangements as seemed to satisfy everybody, at least I have heard no complaints from any one.

My impression is that the town lots ought never to have been sold, but kept as Crown lands, and leased out on monthly rents. A new Survey now will cost the Government a great deal of money and may create an agitation about boundaries and sights where at present all appears to be quiet and satisfactions; however if you desire the survey to be made I shall have it done

I fear we are involved in somewhat of a dilemma by the course which Mr. Brew has taken about the town of Barkerville. In 1863 a certain tract of land was advertised as Crown Site and laid out into lots under the immediate direction of Captain Grant R.E. at that time charged by Co. Moody with the management of Lands & Works matters in Cariboo. These lots were offered for sale by public auction at Barkerville in the same year the plan of the town as then laid out being exhibited at the sale.

A copy of this plan is recorded in this office. On the faith of this map several lots were purchased at this sale and others have been since bought at private sale. Crown grants of (13) thirteen of these lots have actually been issued in which the lots conveyed are referred to as "lots on the official plan or survey of the Town of Barkerville" After the fire which last year destroyed the entire town, Mr. Brew, without any communication with this office made a complete re-arrangement of the boundary lines of the lots increasing the width of the street and certainly with marked advantage to the appearance of the town and decreased risk from fire. But portions of the lots of which the... Been conveyed by Crown Grant are by Mr. Brews rearrangement now occupied as a public street and further I believe that the positions of these lots have been transferred to a great extent. I cannot see how this rearrangement can be legalized except by an act of the Legislative Council - and in this view supported by the Attorney General whom I have consulted. It can be arranged that a program for the continuance and legalization of the improved plan of the town be laid out by Mr. Brew might be sent down from the (???) and (???) of property in the town. At all costs I am convinced that unless steps are taken to place this matter on a sounder basis, the arrangements made by Mr. Brew, although may as he says be satisfactory to everyone without complaint, must result in serious complications.

Joseph Trutch
26th Nov, '69
I was not aware until I visited Barkerville in September that the plan of the town had been altered.

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