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Barkerville Fire

Barkerville after the fire

Charles Brew
15 September, 1868
6:30 p.m.

I regret to have to report that about 2:30 today a fire broke out in Barkerville and by 5:00 nine tenths of the Town were destroyed. Scotts Saloon was saved in the march of the Fire but it is stripped to a shell. Both Banks are burned nothing saved. HBC store everything lost, a few houses in Chinatown and at the other end of Barkerville were saved. A quantity of provisions and goods are destroyed and prices have already risen. All the hotels destroyed. HBC new store not burned.

I have honor to be Sir
Your obedient Servant
C. Brew

B.C. Archives, GR 1372
M.R. -B-1311
Colonial Correspondence

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